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Fuck is an English word that, as a verb, means "to have sexual intercourse". As a noun it may describe a contemptible person (also fucker) or a sexual partner. It can be used as an interjection, and its participle fucking is sometimes used as a strong emphatic. The verb to fuck may be used transitively or intransitively, and it appears in compounds, including fuck off, fuck up, and fuck with. In less explicit usages (but still regarded as vulgar), fuck can mean to mess around, or to deal with unfairly or harshly. In a phrase such as "don't give a fuck", the word is the equivalent of "damn", in the sense of something having little value. In "what the fuck", it serves as a meaningless intensive.
El coito (del latín: co-iter, ‘marcha en común’ o ‘ir en común’) es la cópula o unión sexual entre dos individuos de distinto o del mismo sexo, de la misma o diferente especie animal. En los seres humanos el coito es una parte de la relación sexual, e implica la participación de los órganos genitales externos.
Stosunek plciowy (lac.coitus, fututio) – zespol czynnosci i zachowan seksualnych, w trakcie ktorych dochodzi do fizycznego zblizenia z uzyciem narzadow plciowych. Moze dojsc do tego w roznej formie.
culture is wonderful

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Nationalistic Stereotypes

This is part of a forum at Hospitality Club
people from all world was invited to name the typical stereotypes of their own countries. Its funny how each one see them selves. Here you have the transcription of some of them...just follow the flags..

we think we are the best in the world. we think we are the worst in the world (nothing in between, thats mediocre). maradona is still the best player, who s pele??. our women are so beautiful. buenos aires is the eternal center of the universe (not roma :p). we only eat cow meat (what is true). we born dancing tango (i cant... damn). when we are abroad, we steal things in hotels. our neighbords are dumbs, not like us. spaniards are all fools. we hate all and every english who was born, and the ones that will born too. the world is unfair with us, why they dont accpet how great we are?. we are never on time. we speak the only good spanish. we should belong to europe, not southamerica. we only drink mate (but those are uruguayans not us :). our polititians are all thieves. our futbol is the best, we werent lucky at world cups, hehe..This post is so much fun!
As an Argentinian you must:
Be a tango dancerEat meat and ONLY meat in every food. Think that the women and the meat from Argentina are the best of the world andthere is no question about it whatsoever. As a girl, be gorgeous or at least a slutAs a man, be a macho and consider yourself top of the world (regarding women,fights and above all, your penis performance) Know that without Maradona having born nobody in the world would know who thefuck we are. Be a thiefBe a football soccer sick desperate fan, willing to kill if necessary. Not want to work, what for? If we have so much good soils that if you throw aseed away without looking, it grows in a plantation of wheat. Not want to work, what for? If it´s no use, the politicians always stealed fromas and will ever do the same, this country is fucked up. Be afraid of peruvian, bolivian people that came to buenos Aires just to takeyour job from you.Be afraid of argentinians that you mix up with peruvians or bolivians because the color of their skin ("they´re all the same the fuckers") Dont bother about the europeans that come to buy half of the Patagonia for nothing. Be sorry that Spain colonized us instead of England, otherwise we´d be America now! Make stupid jokes in spanish to people abroad that doesnt understand you.
Im not that stereotypical altough some of them are sadly true to many people around here ! have fun

Estonians are: ...don´t feel cold when it´s below zero degrees. (c´mon! we´re still onlyhuman)...know how to hunt polar-bears. (hunting isn´t allowed in the zoo)...drink a lot of alcohol. (true)...speak and understand Russian. (not everyone)...are all blonds and blue-eyed. (not everyone)...are introvert and unfriendly to strangers. (not everyone)...soon will be extinct (because of the no. of population). (no way :) )(:

Have convict ancestry...Be really good at surfing, swimming, athletics, cricket, rugby and most othersports... Drink A LOT... Be a chronic swearer... Have a shower once a month... Be really loud and obnoxious when drunk... Be Tall, Blonde and Blue-eyed... Be Sunburnt... Be ineloquent with my speech... Be relaxed and unhurried...Wear an akubra hat with corks dangling off it...Wear a blue singlet affectionately called a "wife-beater"Be a racist and chauvinistic pigLove to chant “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!! OI OI OI!!!” when I'm at the footy eventhough both footy teams are Australian and there’s no foreign team playing... Drive an early 1970s HQ Holden Kingswood ute... Smokes "Winnie Blues" (Winfield Blue Ciggarettes)...Eat meat pies... Ride kangaroo's to school and have pet koala's... Put shrimps on bbq's... Drink Fosters... Often fart and belch...Congratulate my farts by yelling “YAHHH THAT WAS A GOOD ONE!!!” when I do areally loud smelly one... Own sheep...Say things like "G'day", "Crikey" and "Call that a knife? This is a knife"...

So has a Canadian man. I must:Be a LumberjackBe a fur-traderBe slowKnow your last canadian encounterLive in an Igloo or a log-houseStick as near as possible to our neighbour's border in a evil plan to conquerthemComplain about the southern neighbourPromise to never buy american while getting out of Krispy kremeSay EH!Say Aboot!Ending my alphabet by 'the Zed'Have Anglicize french wordsHave Frenchify English wordsHave sometimes mixed bothTalk about the weather all the timeBe immunized against freezingHave 25 words to describe the current snow conditionBe talented in icy-snowy condition driveSit on a chesterfieldBe crazy about HygieneBut also be able to live in a shack...Be politeBe a peacekeeperBe friendlyBe proudDrink CanadianEat CanadianConsume CanadianConsider a place that is 4000 km away as your backyardOnly be mad at a Hockey gameActually care about HockeyHave played hockey professionnallyUnderstand what is a laugh about a NewfieBe more liberal and sexualy naughtyHave made love in a canoe on a lakeHave sticked my tongue to a frozen pole onceBe disgust by french cheese but put Cheddar on my friesWear a tuque and a carreau shirtBe able to endure the black flies seasonDrink only Pepsi-ColaFeed BeaverEat Beaver TailsSend my inteligentsia south of the border Yeah I am some of them...

Can you guess where I'm from?
I drink a lot.While drunk, I tell endless jokes.I never shut up.I sing.I can play a musical instrument.I like U2.I can do a jig.I have red hair.I can't complete a sentence without using the word fuck.I know somebody called Paddy.I know somebody else called Mick.I have an uncle in America.I eat only potatoes.I drink only Guinness.I am Catholic.I can't pronounce 33 correctly.I have leperachauns at the end of my garden.
While writing this, I realised that all of the above are true. I am a completecaricature of my country's stereotype.

HA HA HA HA.........
Here it is about Mecsicou...... I mean Mexico...
Well first it seems that the DRINKING is an universal stereotype !!!!So....I drink a lot of TEQUILA.I drink Corona with the slice of lemon in it.Be small with dark skin.Eat only tacos, burritos, enchiladas.Be a macho (lots of women, chauvinistic pig also).Say words like "arribaaa arribaaa.... andaleee andaleee"Wearing a big sombrero (the guy in the picture is not me :-P )Instead of cars we ride donkeys.I have relatives that are drug dealers or wetbacks in the USA (illegals).Chili con carne is our national dish.Not care about punctuality.Be informal.There is no cold weather in Mexico.
So have a good laugh....Ricardo.... Oraleeeeeeeee

Well, that's a very good topic...
actually my nationalistic stereotype puts pressure on me.
I should be veeeery good-looking, slim, tall, suntanned, the perfect brunet!I should know how to play football or at least be very enthusiastic about it andknow the name of all the brazilian players around the world.I should party hard and drink CAIPIRINHA.I should never go to Thailand or any summer place paradise (what for? you've gotthe most wonderful beaches already).I should have been to Amazon some time in my life (and guess what? I know only avery few brazilians who have actually been there).I should have pictures of myself dacing samba in Rio's carnival with thecostumes and all (guess what? brazilians who are not from Rio usually spendtheir holiday somewhere else... and samba is not our national favorite dance!).
There are more of course but I can't remember now.

No German comment so far yet. Although this place is normally just swarming withus. So the first stereotype has to be:
-we can't make fun of ourselves-don't have no humour anyway-we drown in self-pity-we are all Bavariansand now the drinking comes in-we drink a lot of beer (from very large glasses or mugs)-we showed the world that we're not all that bad during the world championshiplast year-we eat Eisbein and Sauerkraut (and drink beer with it)-we are boring-we are rather reserved-we don't like the Dutch because they don't like us (though the've probably gota reason too)-we can't talk to a Jew/Israeli without feeling guilty-we're bureaucratic-we're always excactly on time-we don't smile, let alone laugh-we've got to be in the right ("gotta check that up in the dictionary")-our language sounds like someone repeatedly clearing his throat
okay, now which of those fits me? I'm absolutely boring. I can't think of anymore stereotypes. But you're invited to add to the list. Because it's fun tofind our what other people think about you (and if they say something negative,wage war on their country!)
Nice thread (threat?), Eillonnwy

Hello guys!Its really interesting and funny topic. So, a few words about ukrainians:
The whole ukrainians are russians, or their native language is russian :)The rest ukrainians, who are not russians and do not speak russian are fascistsand ultra nationolists, who hate their north neughbours!Allways drink ukrainian vodka - gorilka without STOP!Eat salo (fat) with borsch an varenyky.Conflicts between ukrainians never stop! (Where are two ukrainians - there arethree kings!)Today we love Europe, tomorrow Russia (periods of love changing 1 - 2mounthes)Allways singing folk songsWear national jacketsMost ukrainians abroad are illegal workers or mafia
Have fun!

As a Russian I have to
- wear a fur coat or a black leather jacket, a fur hat and a huge golden chain- eat pelmeni and pancakes- drink vodka for breakfast, lunch and dinner- use the worst russian obscene words- have a polar bear as a best friend- be the best housewife in the world (as a girl)- fight (also on the streets or in a bar) for some great idea, but without anyreason- have a big, mysterious and kind soul, of course!
Except being a good housewife - this is me :PPP...I'm russian, so i must:drink vodka every timethrow the glass after drinkingdon't be afraid of white bear, coz we live togetherwear the hat with earflapsbe communistbe secret agent (of kgb)be blonde and very beautifulbe prostitutebe poor and alcoholic orbe petroleum oligarch like Abromovich
I'm from Moscow, so i must:despise other russians non-moscoviteshate foreignersthink that Moscow is the best city of the world and center of the worldsay to the non-moscovites or foreigners: "panayehali tut!!!!!!"(intranslatable)
I'm really very nice!!!...I am Russian – so I must
Drink vodka every day Eat caviar drinking vodkaBe very rich if I travel abroad and drink vodka wherever I goAlways say “Na zdorovye” before drinking vodkaWhen abroad I prefer to deal with RussiansBe from Siberia, know much about be accustomed to cold weather- minus 30C andsnowBe from Moscow (see above:)Want to marry any foreigner and be a good wifeBe beautiful womanDream to go to ParisDo figure-skating and rhythmic sportive gymnasticBe unpredictable
!!!! it is very funny topic. I laughed much reading your posts. Of coarse there is difference between reality and stereotypes...But there is an proverb - in every joke there is a part of joke...:)

well, i am turkish and whenever i go abroad, people get very surprised when itell them i am from turkey.
because according to them, i must:
-have dark skin and a big moustace-smoke-be rude-be barbarian-be uneducated-go to the turkish baths-drive camels instead of cars (i've never seen a camel in my life except inzoos!)
i don't think we have a very bad image abroad! :(
but i also hear many people saying they are very surprised when visiting turkey!:)
..We, Turkish people, think that there is long list of stereotypes about us.Addition to Orcun's:
i must - do anything for European (or American) passport- have 5 wives - talk Arabic- wear fez- kill my sister if i doubt from her (don't know actually what does it mean?)- live in dessert- eat rice with my hands- have bbq in the park every weekend - be a terrorist (hardcore)
or as a woman - have 1/x husband (i know a few wives of my husband but i'm not sure how manythere are) - wear scarf

The Netherlands:
-wooden shoes-windmills-milk maids -coffee shops-gay marriage-freedom to do many things-dikes to keep us from drowning-we tend to be good at swimming-we're tall-and generally pretty good-looking?-Philips-Heineken
All not my opinions, but what I think are stereotypes:). I have big yellowwooden shoes and sometimes wear them when I walk the dog!

ok, I'm Polish so I:-am nice and blonde ;)-complain all the time-to the question "how are you?" never answer "great!"-drink vodka for breakfast-"speak Poland and England" ;P-am very religious-have at least one member of my family working in UK-use swear words instead of punctuation marks-still am a Adam Malysz fan;)-and for sure there are some more i can't think of right now.
....and well, sometimes I AM nice :Dmarta ....lets have a go with Polish stereotypes:
As a Pole i should:break the alcohol level record in my bloodbe a plumber,be a xenophobic proud patriot,wear a mohair beret,love myself and hate the neighbour,be a 'good' catholic,always try to live by my own's wits,never use an indicator while driving,never look forward always look back,
oh boy i think i was pretty cruel here :))))))

-I drink beer and eat meat all the time (If there's no meat on my plate, thenit's not food. Vegetarians are stupid, they're not even real people).-I could ski before I could walk.-I always go to Jesolo with my whole family for the summer holiday.-I don't like Germans.-I complain about everything, in general everything's somebody else's fault,everything's really bad, I'm a poor bugger... here's some examples: thegovernment's bad, the weather's bad, the service in the restaurant's bad, theydidn't put enough sauce onto my noodles, the meat is too dry, the sun doesn'tshine enough, we need more shadow, it's too warm, it rain's too much, it snows,it doesn't snow,... you get what i mean ;)-I go to Hungary for shopping, going to the dentist's and cosmetic surgery.-I still think that half Europe is part of my country and that we rule.-I am afraid of Turks.-I am in a yodeling club and I know three different folkloric songs.-I listen to Austrian folk music and dance Waltz when I go out.-My second name is Heidi/Maria/Elisabeth(Lisl) or Franz/Hans/Josef(Sepp).-I know The Sound Of Music by heart.

I hail from Vietnam, an typical Asian country so the following "must be" myintrinsic attributes:- I must be either a math whizz or a science nerd => I must be a weirdo- I'm expected to overachieve in schools compared to my white counterparts- I should speak very broken and funnily sounding English- I'm supposedly reticent and quiet; a shrinking violet who never cravesattention- To us everything is edible (even snakes, frogs and geckos)- I must not physically fit and have to wear glasses since I spend most of mytime playing video games- As a guy, I should be either obese or skeletal => somewhat effeminate- If I'm a girl and a bachelorette at a same time, I'm a virgin!- My language is exceedingly funky and hard to pronounce as well as to write- I'm a midget- I don't know how to drive a car whereas my white friends do- I'm a refugee- We must be hostile towards Americans as they're the culprit of the ongoinghostility between the north and the south (despite the fact unity has existed inour country for more than 30 years and there are more Americans than any othernationalities in my country)- Our food must be good in Western standards ( although in reality the majorityof them, which is kind of grotesquely strange, is totally ignored)- We are sheepish and meek

being an englishman I must
*not speak a foreign language (all silly bloody foreigners should learn englishthe fools)*invade foreign countries and steal all their stuff to put in our museums*behave like a barbarian from an invading horde when I go on holiday.*speak in a hugh grant style upper class accent and say "gosh" a lot.*be incredibly polite and never offend anyone*throw chairs at police and be a football hooligan*have a stiff upper lip and be very formal with people*make jokes and laugh about absolutely everything and never take anythingseriously.*understand sarcasm and use it as a merciless weapon with which to beat peoplewho don't understand it with, especially some of our cousins across thepond.(USA)*do whatever our "big brother" USA says yes george no george etc etc*have invented most sports in the world and be useless at most of them as well.*have tea with the queen every saturday*drink warm beer*talk about the weather ALL the time.*have the most multicultural city in the world in london and get on well witheveryone.*not even be able to live with the scrooge scots and the idiot welsh on ourisland and don't even mention the smelly french or bloody germans. *be modest, dislike show offs and always use understatements. e.g. say "itsraining slightly outside", when in reality a reincarnated Noah is franticallybuilding a new ark to try and save at least some of the world population fromdrowning.*say things such as "hello old boy",

As a Finn I must:
- have blond hair and blue eyes- not feel cold since I'm so used to it- eat a lot of fish- eat a lot of reindeer- have only Nokia mobile- drink vodka for breakfast - have sauna all the time and drink vodka in the sauna - swim naked in the snow - swim naked in the icy water- be shy- be introvert- be talented to learn languages but too shy to use them- have over long names of the places with no vowels on them- have double vowels and consonants- live in Scandinavia (even though Finland is a part of the Nordiccountries...)- understand Hungarian since it's in the same language group- speak Russian (?)- speak English as mother tongue (??)- be racist and nationalist - be rude- be used to living in the darkness the whole winter and have nightless nightsthe whole summer- be very melancholic, alcoholic and suicidal - have polar bears on the streets- swear a lot- have a name ending with -nen- etc.
hmm... I have to admit that partially I'm quite stereotype myself but some ofthose are really nerve taking... The thing that I should be immune against coldweather I have to hear almost every day... as well as the comments about thealcohol consumption ;)

Allright, here we go with the SWISS.
As a real Swiss middle-ager I...
... do NOT know the words of the national anthem... do normally NOT drink too much alcohol. (hehe... that's new, right?)... have my own gun at home with sharp ammunition... am concerned about a new ski suit every year ... think everything is OK, as long as it is planned... have an own numbered account at the bank... I clean up during parties at my own place... buy new things instead of getting old ones repaired ... consider target shooting, chess and bowling a 'sport'... am confused that Austria is now better in skiing but I am proud to be now areal "sailing-nation"... (Alinghi) ;))) ... wash my car every Sunday morning... dress up to go grocery shopping... call the fire brigade if my cat can't climb down from the roof... buy a new tv because the old one doesn't match my new furniture... am always willing to pay higher prices, because it ensures higher quality... turn my head away if someone looks at me... wonder why all the foreigners insist on skiing when the conditions are lessthan optimal... complain to my neighbour about the noise when he flushes his toilet after10pm... oh yeah, and sometimes I eat cheese and chocolate!
Funny thread! ... maybe quite interesting to know what others would say about your owncountry!
Cheers - Tobi

I'll try to do something the same for italians.
-We are all liars (at least that's what the mothers of girls fromnorthern/eastern/central europe tell to their daughters before they go to italyor they meet an italian guy)-We are always saying "Mamma miaaaaa" (i did it only once in my life...and itwas when I went to the toilet after having eaten the chilliest mexican beansever)-We sing when we speak french or english -We play mandolino (What's a mandolino?)-Mafia is a part of our society (-We cannot talk with the hands in our pockets.-"We do it better" -We are all mamma boys. We can bench press 325 pounds, shave twice a day andstill cry when our mother yells at us.-Our mechanic, plumber, electrician, accountant, travel agent and lawyer are allour cousins.-We have at least 5 cousins living in the same town or street. All five of thosecousins are named after our grandfather or grandmother.-If someone in our family grows beyond 5'9", it is presumed his Mother had anaffair with a foreigner.-Our mom's meatballs are the best.-Our dream is to understand girls

Hehe the one about Serbs that I got long time ago:
U know U r a Serb when...
1.You have 12 consonants and 2 vowels in your last name 2.At your wedding you know only about a third of the people there & a minimumof 350 guests. 3.There is a 120-gallon barrel of wine and Cabbage in your garage. 4.You hear birds chirping and see the sun rise every time you come home fromthe bar. 5.Your dad carries around enough money to buy a car. 6.When you make jokes based on your own tragedy 7.You are high maintenance 8.The main menu for lunch is cabbage and beans. 9.A loaf of bread is eaten for lunch. 10.Your parents have a shot of rakija for breakfast 11.Your uncle makes his own wine that is stronger than rakija 12.You think everything is a conspiracy 13.You live with your mom and dad until you are married 14.You have a cold cellar that includes a variety of meat/deli products,pickledgoods, and wine. 15.When you have to reassure your Mother that her cooking is the best 16."Everyone is sure that you're Italian or Greek" 17.You know you're Serbian when you don't work and you go shell out $300 easyon the weekend 18.A Serbian baby shower is as big as most American weddings! 19.You own the latest Nike and Adidas outfits but have never exercised in yourlife 20.You always have the latest mobile phone on the market 21.You can spend 3hrs in a Cafe drinking the same one coffee 22.Calling someone for a chat at 1am on a weeknight is the norm 23.When you believe the most famous people in the world are Serbs who changedtheir name 24.When you work part time and drive a BMW 25.When you started going to the clubs at 14 26.You tell your friends to rebel when their parents tell them to be homebefore midnight 27.When your pride is more important than your own happiness 28.When the hospitality is consisting in making the guest eat till he doesn'tdie 29.Your mother serves you tea only when you are sick 30.When you tell people you are Serbian, they always ask... "So ... What is itlike there now?"
;-)) lol


As a kiwi bloke I:Have shagged the odd sheepTreat rugby as a religionAbsolutely hate AustraliansDrink cheap, shit beer too oftenSay 'bro' to everyoneUse farming lingoBe a ultra-liberal green-peace hippyBe a ultra-conservative farmer who complains about the foreigners taking overthe country Do a bungy jump or skydive every other dayWax lyrical about how New Zealand is the most beautiful country in theworld......(which it is :P )Eat roast lamb and potatoes every dayHave pictures of Sir Edmund Hillary on my wallBe ever so slightly imbred because of the remote nature of where we are
Nah, that isn't just like me.........I don't use farming lingo

Ok, I am a greek chick, and being a greek means:-Eat souvlaki till my breath smells like garlic from far away (from thetzatziki)-Eat everything that is on my plate, and clean the remnants with bread :)-We don't taste wine, we drink till we fall down drunk!-Plus, you never drink only wine, but raki, tsipouro, ouzo at the same time aswell!-Having fun roasting a whole lamb (when i say whole, i mean head, eyes, feet all included) on fire in Easter- Have 3 and 4 days long tsibousia: celebrations where the main happening iseating, drinking, eating again, falling dead and sleeping and then eating again-Hate the Turks because we were under their occupation for 400 years :)-Hate the Italians because we were fighting with them in WW2 (mousolini,remember?)-Brag about how proud and wonderful race we are-Be dark haired and a bit plump-Girls have a slight moustache!!-Guys have a big moustache-play with a kompoloi (worry bead in english i think) all the time-No food can be served without olive oil :)
And some more other things i can't remember now... Not all of these things fitto everyone ofcourse,but, to tell you the truth, I am quite fond of the ouzo,raki, tsipouro thing: It's a tradition!

As I see – no one yet described glorious nation of Lithuania so I’ll try to doit briefly:
1. We hate Estonians2. We hate Polish3. We hate Russians4. We hate Americans5. We hate Lithuanians6. With maximum enjoyment we observe burning neighbor’s house7. We always complain about our politicians8. We do not attend elections (as in opposite way we couldn’t complain about ourpoliticians)9. If we attend elections we still complain about our politicians10. We complain about everything11. If we have nothing to complain about we complain about it.12. We drink a lot13. We all play and love basketball14. We fight in the streets15. We are skilled in stereo stealing from the cars16. We are professionals in production of false money (USD, €, LTL, basicly –any we need)17. We are cannibals just as most famous Lithuanian – Dr. Hanibal Lecter18. We are very jealous

This is a very funny and interesting topic. I dont like stereotypes at all,because they dont use to fit on me or in other people that I have meet (fromSpain and from other countries). Anyway....Im spanish, so I must be:
- A very lazy person who doesn´t like the idea of working all day long. - Very rude and we use to shout to each other and argue instead of talking.- A person who is thinking in parties and going out with friends all the time(and of course, I must be a very good dancer and singer of flamenco as well)- I must be very unpunctual- Dont like planning, just improvising (I love it!)- We dont use "hehehehe", just "jejejeje" :-P- I must be a very appasionated and good lover (but sometimes i have headachetoo!! -jejeje-)- I must be a lover of bullfights and bullfighter (once, I felt in love with awoman bullfighter, but I was too young!!)- People dont speak english (just spanish) and think: "if they are in Spain theymust speak spanish!!" (not my case, oh my god!!)- Spanish Hc members are not hospitalary (they only want to have romances withhosts/guests)...I have read a lot about these on HC forums.- 3 hours daily siesta, drugs consumers (specailly cocaine and hash) andagressive(we love fighting at night -not during the day-) are other stereotypesabout my country and about spanish people, but I am getting very angry with thistopic!!! :-(

Some belgian stereotypes:
Im a belgian so I must:- eat french fries every day and explain to every tourist that it's actually'belgian fries'- drink liters of beer every day- hate the Dutch- hate the Germans because they started the war (even twice!!)- hate the Walloons if I'm Flemish- hate the Flemish if I'm Walloon- eat chocolate and waffles after the french fries- go on vacation in Benidorm, Spain- be ashamed of my national football-team- complain about our poor results during the eurovision song contest- laugh with the belgian royal family
But I'm sure that I'm forgetting hundreds of stereotypes... so please feel freeto complete this list

SLOVAK ppl;)
* hate being called Czechoslovakians * can drink incredible amounts of beer without getting drunk * bohemians* women are bulimic * sneaky, clever * drink too much * attractive, sexy * still poor from formerly being Eastern Bloc country * play/listen folk music only* love Slovakian remixes of American music * communists* not friendly to strangers * sexists* dark looking * drink only cheap beer, hate other alcoholic drinks * smoke too much * big ice hockey fans
*** More revealing facts about Slovakia can be gleaned from a recent documentarymovie named " HOSTEL " Suzy

Check out how much do you know about latvians! [written by latvian] :P
- we are living on the trees and eating mushrooms..- we are from Russia (ok, except some cases when from Latinamerica.. :)- our capital is Vilnius..- we don’t love estonians that much.. not much..- we drink the same as russians.. plus some "aldara zelta alus" having lightmorning headache..- if there are some russians near we are starting to fight..- all of our girls are pretty, blonde, slim and with big boobs.. - we all are working in a hostel.. :P- you can see corruption even in a kindergarten..- we like rhytmical music kinda “kalbasniks”.. (it's really special :))- our girls are great deal to have romantic relations with, boys for havingdurable drinking company- we don’t clap our hands after an artist’s performance.. (impolite orextremelyshy ones)- we drop our shoes on ice everytime watching ice-hockey games..- often high-society character.. - we are nationalists, wearing folk dresses every day.. - always offended by smb, especially crying about the cruel history..- we have very beautiful money but nobody knows what it really is..
maybe I missed something more,hmm.. important? :)
As a Latvian I: - must be well educated and speak at least one foreign language (apart fromRussian)- must understand and/or speak Russia- must dislike Russians- must be willing to speak about ex-PSRS 24h-long- every weekend must go to forests for mushrooms and berries, and later sellthem in the big Central Market- participate with my choir in Song and Dance Festival- participate with my folk-dance group in Song and Dance Festival- must say 'life has changed a lot since we entered EU'- must have experienced how it is, whene there are no sausages (nor anythingelse) in the shops, and that I must wait in endless queues to buy smth- must be willing to marry Italian, French or Spaniard, because from him I willhear compliments, which I would never hear from Latvian male- must think Estonians are slow- must think Finns and British come to Riga for cheap Vodka and pretty girls- must be one of those girls- must wear wollen socks- must know how to knit, crochet, wattel- wear grey- wear linen- must be stressed and never smile- must know at least five national folk quatrains- must swim in ice-holes- must be ice-hockey fan- must have cool car since everybody is driving cool cars in Riga- must consider moving to another country, preferably - Ireland- must live in an ungly block house- must start each morning with national anthem

Enjoyed the other stereotypes and wondered where the Stereotype from the USAwas??
I am from the USA so I : Am either from New York City, Miami, or Los Angeles.Think that the rest of the world revolves around the USA.Am very loud.When traveling in foreign countries I think that everyone should speak English.Like to talk all the time, even when I have nothing intelligent or interestingto say.Think that American Football is the best sport in the world and wonder why therest of the world calls "soccer" football.Drive a big SUV. Am lazy.Listen to country music and have a cowboy hat (if I am from Texas).Eat only McDonalds or some other fast food.Am overweight.Own a gun. Am arrogant.Work all the time.Drink a lot and become very loud and like to get in fights when drunk.Am obsessed with money.Think Starbucks is the only place to get coffee.Am always in a hurry.Know more about celebrities and Hollywood than politics and current affairs inthe US and rest of the world.Always wearing Jeans, T-shirt, Sneakers, and a Baseball Hat.Live on a farm (if I am from the middle of USA).Do not speak with an accent but people from other states do....
That is only the beginning of stereotype of Americans, I could have a list ofstereotypes for every State...but enjoy and add more.peace,Sarah
as an American-I'm such a walking stereotype I wouldn't even know where to begin...-I know that the US is number one in everything-The republican party is not conservative enough for me-I'm racist towards pretty much everyone everywhere-I don't understand the difference between Mexico and every other Latin Americancountry, and I think they all need to "go back to Mexico"-I call the French frogs-I call the Japanese japs-I call the Germans nazis-I call the Mexicans 30 different things, including spicks, wetbacks, beaners,etc.-I call every Asian a gook and don't know the difference between any asiancountries-I call Muslims ragheads-Slavery happened a long time ago so it basically never happened-I still think communists are trying to take over America-I think we need to "just nuke them all and let god sort it out" when it comesto the Middle East-I have no reason to ever leave the greatest country in the world, so I neverwill-If I do leave the greatest country in the world, it will either be with themilitary or for business, unless I decide that Mexico is okay as long aseveryone speaks English to me.-When it comes to Iraq, we need to save them from their dictator, when it comesto Africa, they have their own problems to deal with, and "we don't need to getinvolved with other peoples business."-I've never tasted an imported beer-I know more about American Idol than American politicsaaaaaand the list could go on for days and days.

Hey I forgot that as a foreigner living in Thailand, I have a whole new list ofstereotypes.............
I am old.I am fat.I am rich.I can't speak any Thai.The only Thai food I can eat is fried rice.I work as an English teacher for 3 times the average teacher's wage.I drink all night, every night.I am only here for sex.I think every girl in Thailand has a price.I think every girl in Thailand is after my money.I don't care, I have so fucking much.I have a criminal record, probably dealing with paedophilia.I have been to Pattaya.If I am married, I met my wife in a "girly" bar.
Does anybody else find that their stereotypes are different if you live in adifferent country??????This is a great thread,BE CRAZY.

about French people, here you go :) (I think nobody posted on that):
- I think France is still a very powerful country and that the French languageis widely spoken abroad.- I eat croissants for breakfast everyday and drink champagne at parties, evencheap student ones. I love froie gras and cheeses.- I think our football team is still the best in the world :)- I am arrogant and don't speak foreign languages fluently.- I often go to versailles and the Eiffel tower, I even spend my week-endafternoons there (with my kids if I have some).- If i am from paris, I wonder how other people do to live outside ! If i notfrom Paris I complain about people from there, especially if they drive too fastor do not park correctly.- I drink a lot of (good) wine and I am a great cook- I hate the Americans. I blaim the Brits for their weather and bad cooking, Ihighly consider the Germans for their efforts in building the EU, but poor ofthem, all they have is kartofel salad !- I laugh about the Belgians, make nasty jokes on them and believe they are true!- I know better than anyone how to kiss (the French kiss) and I am so romantic.- I know who Catherine Deneuve is and I often go to the cinema, of course Inever miss Cannes's festival, i'm always there !- I am very fashion and always very well dressed- I strike all the time, if not then I'm always on a break if I am a civilservant- We believe that Chopin and Marie Curie are French geniuses (that's for Polishpeople :))- I would never consider emigrating, my country is so great !
:) any other suggestion ??thanks for the topic, great idea

Heehee, what a great post.
Korean stereotypes:Since I'm a Korean girl, I should:
*be anorexic*wear a lot of make-up*follow fashion trends no matter how odd: eg, mini-skirts in winter*dress up just to go shopping*be surgically enhanced by getting the double eyelid surgery and a nose bridge*wear trendy contact lenses: circle, tear drops, swirls, sparkles*hate to tan and carry a parasol on sunny days*use skin whitening products*be extremely high maintenance*whine if I want something*take pictures of myself everywhere*smoke in private*want to marry a doctor, lawyer, or businessman

well let me introduce our country and people here:* the name of our country is Czechoslovakia (and until recently we've been apart of Soviet Union)* the only city here is Prague* we all are lazy, cunning and envious* we hate Germans* we drink only a beer* we eat only sausages* we love to spend hours and hours in supermarkets (where we steal thingsbecause all the Czech people are shoplifters...)* we complain about everything* our favorite book is The Good Soldier Švejk (Schweik) because we admire Svejk- he is so typical Czech!!!* As a czech boy I am a football player and am called Jan or Josef* as a czech girl I definitely am a model

CHINA cool, want to say something too
As a Chinese from Hong Kong, I MUST:
_ Not be a Chinese, I am only a Hongkonger_ Be a fan of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee_ V sign a lot..for pictures and stupid things_ Own a number of pirate DVDs_ Short, only reaching the average Caucasian's waist.._ Be after brand names..well yea they are supposed to be better quality.._ Speak a foul word or two in other languages..we're so multicultural.._ Be living in a tiny little flat which can't host you people!

Here are the Danes....
-we are big,blond and blue eyes-we like to drink (carlsberg and tuborg) and party-we are great sports atleths-we are still Vikings-we are rich-we are tolerant-we are democratic-we are more clever than other countries(people)-we think every body else ( foreingers ) love us-we are clean-we are cold people from the North-we are allways inside-we are helpfull-we take it easy
It is hard to Find a Dane who Don`t think Denmark is the best country in theWorld......